Is Beauty Really Skin Deep in Cambodia?

Is Beauty Really Skin Deep in Cambodia? Cambodia model 3

Yes, going by Kha Lai or more famously as Daiana, a rising model in the Kingdom, in her perception of the ideal woman in the modelling industry.

“I want all the women out there to feel comfortable in their own skin and to understand (that) the meaning of beauty is a broad concept which no certain standard should be impose to limit the beauty standard of a women,” said Daiana who is pursuing a career as a model, with an eye to be flawless right down to skin complexion.

“I was born with a dark skin and I thought it would darken my future too as a model in the country since white skin has been a fixed standard that is more valued and admired in this society. Nonetheless, I was taught to look at another side of beauty, understanding the socially constructed notion which can vary from time to time. Dark and white are all colours, it won’t define who you really are,” the 22-year-old articulated.

“The secret to modeling is not all about being perfect from head to toe, rather you have to hold on to the core principle which is self-belief. You are who you think you are. If you think that you are have a strong belief that you are the queen on the catwalk, you will definitely find strength and courage to walk the talk in that fashion show.”

Holding on firmly to her aspiration and determination since young, Daiana shared her untold story of how she fought with those negativities and challenges that have been thrown in the way of her dream as a national model.

Is Beauty Really Skin Deep in Cambodia? cambodia model 1

“My dream of being a national model started when I was young. How much I appreciate those confident models whose each walks are so powerful enough to arouse people pride on fire. However, the untold story of being who I am today is has been challenged a lots by the fact that I was told of being not good enough, that I have to be someone else’s mattress unless I want to stay successful in this industry”.

The young model also dispenses encouragement to young Cambodia, girls especially, to love their natural skin color and be proud of their own skin and who they are.

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“To all the women out there, your power is implied in the ability that you can take decision on your own life. You should not let other people’s voice to tell you which skin color is best on you, you should embrace what natural treasure you have, learn to appreciate and value skin with your own self-esteem. It is the only the skin that you have!”

Credit: Khmer Times